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Nathan Braund was born in Exeter in 1970 and graduated from Leeds University in 1991. He went on tour with Elkie Brooks, tutoring her son, and sharing a coach with a motley crew of roadies.  After that, he spent fourteen years teaching English in countries like Estonia, Japan and Oman. 


He was a short story finalist for the Brit Writers Awards 2011 and his short story, My Morbid Wife, has been selected for WorldReader, a charity organization that provides people in developing countries with access to ebooks and their contents. WorldReader's partners include Amazon and Random House.   


His novel, ‘The Broken Boots Guide to Astlavonia’ was published in March 2012. His non-fiction book 'The Wrong Way Round to Ewan McGregor' was published in April 2013. He is currently working on a second novel and a collection of short stories.


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Comments on 'The Wrong Way Round to Ewan McGregor':


'A funny, wry account of working as an extra. I enjoyed the 'mid life' crisis angst of turning forty as well as the ruminations on Ewan, about whom we learn a great deal. But I also enjoyed the inside glimpse of working as a movie extra and the life of ex pats living in Thailand. All in all there's a lot to enjoy,' C.Mickell.


'It is a story that you could easily see yourself in and there are many family moments that reminded me of my own family. Very funny and entertaining. Pulled at the heart stings at some moments and laughing out loud at other moments. I couldn't put it down,' Marion Alcorn.

'Braund can be funny about his 40-year-old mid-life crisis and comic descriptions of the idiosyncrasies of shooting a film.'
Phuket Gazette.


Available as a paperback and ebook on:


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Comments on 'The Broken Boots Guide to Astlavonia':


'This inventive and enjoyable romp set in a fictional ex-soviet republic has its fair share of effective and amusing moments, engaging and well realized characters, and bizarre and intriguing situations,' Colin Murray.


'Intelligent ideas and flashes of real wit,' David Grossman.


'Original and insightful,' James Pryor.


'I love this book - it’s funny (the driver, speaking in a form of English littered with references to 80’s pop), sad (the life of Oinio and his under-class family), quirky (as Augustus’s true life is exposed), brutal (as evidenced by crime and retribution dished out Astlavonian-style) and thought-provoking throughout,' Andy Fraser. 


'Be ready for a high speed romp where you feel you might be safer if you could stop and get out, but once aboard the excitement keeps you hanging on, sometimes by your finger tips,' ELHarris.


'If you like foreign travel to far flung places and meeting strange people with unusual customs then this is a must for your book shelves,'  Elaine Hamilton-Sturdy.


Available as a paperback and ebook on: 


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