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Nathan Braund


Nathan Braund was born in Exeter in 1970 and graduated from Leeds University in 1991. He went on tour with Elkie Brooks, tutoring her son, before teaching English abroad. He has spent twelve years working in countries like Estonia, Japan and Oman. 


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The Wrong Way Round to Ewan McGregor

This is the true story of two men becoming forty, one a famous film star, the other an unpublished writer. When Nathan Braund discovered Ewan McGregor was filming up the road from where he was living in Phuket, Thailand, he interpreted it as more than a coincidence. He planned to put his movie script into the hands of the Scottish star, even though he knew it was unprofessional to pester an A-list actor, particularly when they were working on a serious film about the 2004 tsunami. 


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The Broken Boots Guide to Astlavonia

Debt-ridden and divorced, Mark King wins a travel writing competition with a bogus article and is sent to Astlavonia, a former soviet state, to write its first ever guidebook.  He stays with Augustus, a Fagin-like professor, who warns that all disputes are settled with a knife.  This would be fine if Mark hadn't fallen in love with the daughter of the chief of police, a survivor of the Gulag and hater of 'occupying' foreigners. 


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